Services for the third sector

Fundraising calls

We get new collaborators, partners, sponsors, donors… from cold lists and hot lists (leads, SMS’s, prospects…).

Upgrade calls (Quota increase)

We perform conversions from partner to patron, and use tax benefits information to increase the quota after the tax reform.

Calls for returns of direct debits

We call on those partners with contributions returned by the bank and we track the return.

Calls to reactivate partners

We call former partners who have stopped collaborating, figuring out the reason for their stopping and propose different ways to again offer their collaboration.

Search companies interested in collaborating with NPOs

We arrange meetings with businesses who may be interested in providing funds to NPOs.

Services for other sectors

The services that are provided are:

  • Telephone sales (financial products, insurance, telecommunications…).
  • Surveys of satisfaction/recommendation/NPS, market research.
  • Database qualification.
  • Welcome call.
  • Cross selling.
  • Arranging interviews.
  • Debt collection and returned receipts.

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