Touristic development
Camino de los Jesuitas Plan
The Camino de los Jesuitas is the main transnational product of South America, which runs through five countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The objective of the project is to strengthen its development, providing the Public Administrations and the private sector with a roadmap and tools.
governance· institutional reinforcement

To develop the Way as a multi-destination product, a need s analysis was carried out on the factors on which tourism integration depends: Legal Framework, Tourism Planning, Risk Management and Health Alert, Promotion and Marketing, Information and Statistics, Key Infrastructures, Map of Actors and coordination mechanisms. The project also involved the design of proposals and tools for tourism management during COVID and its subsequent reactivation.

Action plan

Based on these inputs, a detailed plan was drawn up for the institutional development of the Way, which includes a proposal for the creation of a management entity and specific objectives for the next ten years, the legal model, the management procedures, the financial plan, the needs of investment and the identification of alternative sources of financing. A digital tool was also designed to inform strategic decision-making, support planning and unify knowledge, based on data exploitation.


 The Camino de los Jesuitas is more than a product. The institutional strengthening of the Camino has become a priority instrument to accelerate the regional tourism integration of the five countries; a sample of the capacity for governance and inter-institutional, public-private and transnational articulation; and a sign of identity for the member countries of MERCOSUR.

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