Consulting for tourism and territorial development

We have advised a large number of companies and executed emblematic international projects. The main clients are:

Tourist companies
Public Administrations and Destinations
Non-tourism companies, with interests in the sector
Investors and promoters
International Financial Institutions
Non-tourism companies, with interests in the sector
Investors and promoters
We are specialized in the following areas

Competitive intelligence

  • Generation, management and transmission of knowledge
  • Market studies: sectoral, feasibility, demand, competition, reputation, impact or positioning, etc.
  • Tourist information systems
  • Big data
  • Segmentation models

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Development and strategic planning

  • Product development
  • Business experiences and initiatives
  • DEBUT accompaniment program for the start-up of new ventures

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Quality and customer experience

  • It has the greatest international experience in the development of standards, programs, advice, implementation of systems, training and auditing, quality and environment.

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Innovation, digital transformation and smart destinations

  • Creativity and technology at the service of innovations with a high market impact. Inmark is the third Spanish contractor of the European Commission in innovation, having managed to date 40 million Euros.

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Marketing, Branding and Reputation Management

  • Value generation
  • Assistance in marketing companies and destinations
  • Brand development
  • Corporate reputation
  • Marketing planning
  • Positioning

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Talent Management and Training

  • Development, revitalization, and empowerment of teams; Training is provided that combines technical skills and aptitudes with playful learning formats.
  • The service offer is based on the + Intelligent Organizations Model, whose collaborators are digital and multi-device, intensely social and committed.

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Institutional Strengthening and Management Advice

  • We carry out institutional strengthening actions in destinations
  • We advise on business management to obtain good results and exponential growth.

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Some numbers

This business area is made up of a relocated and multidisciplinary team of professionals with a strategic vision, extensive recognized experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector.

50 product developments

+300 Projects, research and studies.

35,000 hours of training given

1,600 companies/ 35 destinations

Projects in 24 countries

110 strategic plans

Success stories

Studies of potential demand and segmentation

Strategic Plan for Cultural Tourism-Orange of Colombia

Training plan for attitudinal development

Positioning study of Tourism of Peru in the intermediation channel

Valuation of natural parks