Consulting for tourism and territorial development

We have advised a large number of companies and executed emblematic international projects. The main clients are:

Tourist companies
Public Administrations and Destinations
Non-tourism companies, with interests in the sector
Investors and promoters
International Financial Institutions
Non-tourism companies, with interests in the sector
Investors and promoters
We are specialized in the following areas

Competitive intelligence

  • Generation, management and transmission of knowledge
  • Market studies: sectoral, feasibility, demand, competition, reputation, impact or positioning, etc.
  • Tourist information systems
  • Big data
  • Segmentation models

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Development and strategic planning

  • Product development
  • Business experiences and initiatives
  • DEBUT accompaniment program for the start-up of new ventures

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Quality and customer experience

  • It has the greatest international experience in the development of standards, programs, advice, implementation of systems, training and auditing, quality and environment.

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Innovation, digital transformation and smart destinations

  • Creativity and technology at the service of innovations with a high market impact. Inmark is the third Spanish contractor of the European Commission in innovation, having managed to date 40 million Euros.

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Marketing, Branding and Reputation Management

  • Value generation
  • Assistance in marketing companies and destinations
  • Brand development
  • Corporate reputation
  • Marketing planning
  • Positioning

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Talent Management and Training

  • Development, revitalization, and empowerment of teams; Training is provided that combines technical skills and aptitudes with playful learning formats.
  • The service offer is based on the + Intelligent Organizations Model, whose collaborators are digital and multi-device, intensely social and committed.

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Institutional Strengthening and Management Advice

  • We carry out institutional strengthening actions in destinations
  • We advise on business management to obtain good results and exponential growth.

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Some numbers

This business area is made up of a relocated and multidisciplinary team of professionals with a strategic vision, extensive recognized experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector.

50 product developments

+300 Projects, research and studies.

35,000 hours of training given

1,600 companies/ 35 destinations

Projects in 24 countries

110 strategic plans

Success stories

The connected city

Positioning study of Tourism of Peru in the intermediation channel

Valuation of natural parks

Gastronomic Tourism Plan of Mexico