Touristic development
Peru Brand
The objective of the project was to evaluate the strategy of the new country brand of Peru, which over time expanded its scope to measure the reputation and health of the brand and provide advice. The brand promotes tourism, attracts investment and supports exports.

We participate in the development of the "Peru Brand", evaluating the perception of the brand in priority markets. For this, 26 Focus Groups and 76 in-depth interviews were carried out in Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Brazil and Peru, in just two months, analyzing the understanding, differentiation, and relevance, credibility of the concept developed and which of the designs represented better.

Action plan

Subsequently, and for a period of six years from its creation, we analyzed the comparative reputation of the brand in 20 countries and, internally, through an additional sample of 1,500 surveys, in Peru. The annual report analyzes and measures various indicators grouped into three dimensions of a country's reputation: quality of life, level of development, institutional quality. Advice and training was also provided; and public presentations and communication content were developed.


The recognition and performance of the Peru Brand is considered one of the most outstanding case studies of recent years.

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