Touristic development
Strategic Plan for Cultural Tourism-Orange of Colombia
As one of the four pillars of Colombia's tourism strategy, the Vice Ministry of Tourism needed to develop a strategic and business plan for the positioning, development and promotion of Cultural Tourism.
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A diagnosis was made with the collection of secondary and primary information, including technical visits, in-depth interviews at the international level (with specialists and operators), focus groups, work groups and surveys in 5 preferred issuing markets; a cluster analysis to structure the supply and demand scheme; a positioning proposal and the drafting of the strategic plan.

Action plan

 One of the challenges of the project was to synthesize and value 2,300 resources that are cultural assets of the nation to define a unique positioning and define a portfolio of emblematic products; and develop a strategy to promote cultural tourism, improve competitiveness, and carry out specialized, multi-channel and multi-market promotion.


The Inspira Plan integrates cultural tourism with the orange economy, the Government's flagship program, and mobilizes 25 million USD of investment to serve a market that has been estimated at 3.2 million tourists. It gives rise to Colombia's current tourism marketing strategy, focused on music: Sabrosura.

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