Inmark Group

Inmark is a Group of consultants specializing in commercial intelligence and business development.

The Group initiated activities in 1977 in Madrid, Spain.

Inmark relies upon a team of more than 200 consultants in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Portugal and Spain. Through the Euroinmark network the company has developed associate companies in thirteen European countries.

Directed by Manuel López Hernández (president), the Group provides services to more than 2,000 companies.

Inmarks mission is to collaborate with Companies and Institutions in their aim to achieve:

  • A better competitive position
  • An adequate development of their organization, systems and people
  • A systematic improvement of their benefits

The company’s purpose is to assist Organizations in meeting their needs with regards to: 

  • Market and Sector Information
  • Strategy definition and implementation
  • Cultural configuration
  • Development of human teams
  • Optimization of their operational resources

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