Task Force
Acquisition and customer loyalty of the HORECA channel
The HORECA channel is of great importance for commercial brands since a relevant part of their business is generated in it. For this reason, inmark carries out actions to introduce the offer in said channel as well as follow-up for its correct commercialization.
HORECA channel· loyalty· sales

Las acciones que realiza inmark en el canal HORECA tienen como objetivo:

  • The introduction of new products in this channel.
  • The commercial impulse of the already existing offer.
  • Monitoring of the competition in order to verify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Continuous monitoring of the offer until its consolidation in the channel.
Action plan

The Task Force actions carried out by inmark in the HORECA channel require prior planning that contemplates the correct choice of the people who are going to carry out the commercial actions. Additionally, it is essential to carry out adequate training of the team in order to transfer security, knowledge and the image attributes by which the brand wants to be recognized to the client.

Of all the projects that are faced, a planning is carried out through digital tools that allow:

  1. An adequate distribution of work areas.
  2. A typification of the visits to be made.
  3. A follow-up of the commercial activity.
  4. A follow-up of closed sales.
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