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The objective was to elaborate and validate the design of a Permanent Observatory of the MICE Market in Spain, which could solve the problems of standardization, coherence and reliability of the information referring to the sector.

Action plan

 It involved the design of an ad hoc methodology and an associated econometric model to assess the performance and socioeconomic impact of meeting tourism, which entailed: 1) Characterization of the different segments. 2) The segmentation of the offer and the actors involved. 3) Definition of the variables that would make up the model for monitoring the evolution of the market. 4) Identification and selection of the statistical data and information necessary to feed the variables of the model. 5) Determination of data collection methods and required information. 6) Criteria for segmentation and use of data and reports.

It involved a Desk Research of secondary sources, 200 Delphi interviews with representative experts from the sector and quantitative analysis: more than 2,500 surveys collected from the offer and the participants of congress activities, conventions and incentive trips.

Finally, the conditions for the implementation and management of the Observatory were defined and its design was validated with numerous pilot tests, under real operating conditions. It was later digitized.


Turespaña and the Spain Convention Bureau today manage the Observatory. The data reported to ICCA establish that Spain is the third meeting destination in the world.

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