Touristic development
TagCloud, application to interpret heritage
Providing increasingly autonomous residents and tourists with access, interpretation and interaction makes it possible to increase the attractiveness of cultural heritage.
consultoría tecnológica

Technology can be key to attracting, engaging and retaining visitors.

Action plan

TagCloud offers a radically new approach to developing personalized cultural experiences by incorporating cloud-based (non-sensitive) information about people's habits, preferences, and motives for presenting digital content, enabling increased user engagement for cultural heritage, those who participate in the experience, creating, sharing and adding information within social networks. It contemplates the production of adaptable cultural content based on the fusion of information from experts and visitors. The cloud development of this app to interpret heritage, which enables personalized visits, was implemented in the Alhambra in Granada, the Barber Institute in Birmingham and Sør-Trøndelag in Norway.


TagCloud has demonstrated the ability to generate greater demand, frequency of visits and satisfaction. At the same time, it generates information on the profile and behavior of visitors that feeds back decision-making by destination managers.

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TagCloud, application to interpret heritage

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