Market Research
Communities of individuals
digital· experiences· qualitative & quantitative

Communities of individuals can be used for many purposes, being most recommended when interacting with the participants, on several occasions, over a long period. With this technique, for example, customer service protocols have been redefined through different channels.

Action plan

As a guideline, it is usual to have a significant number of participants (from 100) and for a long period (from 1 month to a year).

This people:

  1. They will carry out a series of previously defined tasks in order to have experience when participating, with their opinions, in the discussion forums to which they are invited.
  2. Evaluate associated experiences, spontaneously and suggested, both in writing and through video interviews.
Type of results

The ultimate goal in these processes is:

  1. Design and/or redesign, for example, customer service protocols.
  2. The identification of opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, how to adapt the experience to expectations?

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