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Financial behavior of individuals
This research has been carried out in the Spanish market, annually, since 1988. In the main countries of Latin America, it began in 2000. This study is a benchmark in the different countries in which it is carried out . The analysis includes the banked population over 18 years of age.
periodic study· quantitative· trends

The topics addressed in the research are related to the aspects of greatest interest to its users: financial digitization of the banked population; competitive positioning of financial institutions (notoriety, penetration, preferential penetration and market share); registrations and abandonments of financial relations in the last year; quality of service; NPS; use of relationship channels; image of financial entities; extensive use of the financial offer: relationship accounts, financial debt, savings and investment products, cards, services and insurance.


The possibilities of data segmentation are very wide and in addition to the most pertinent classification variables (sex, age, socioeconomic status, geographical area of ​​residence, income of the family unit, etc.) others are included, such as financial digitization (digital financial, digital financial that carry out operations, digital but not financial and non-digital) or the use of relationship channels (omnichannel, exclusive digital, traditional).


Some results obtained in this research for the Spanish market are shown.

Infographic Individuals Spain 2021.pdf

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