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Recruitment of partners for NGOs
Inmark is a pioneer company in Spain in carrying out fundraising campaigns for NGOs. The first project of this nature was carried out in the year 2000 and since then there have been multiple actions developed for different NGOs
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Recruitment of partners for NGOs presents different particularities since, in addition to considering the commercial action itself, it must contemplate that the action must take care of the image that this type of organization has in society. NGOs need funds to develop their programs and inmark, with the recruitment of partners, helps them to have a recurrence in the generation of said funds through these actions.

The commercial teams that are used, well versed in the work of the NGOs and the programs that they develop, inform, raise awareness and try to associate people who, through their regular economic contributions, ensure the continued work of the NGOs in their national and international projects.

For these actions to be successful, the choice of the teams, their stability and their emotional bond with the NGO and the projects they carry out are essential.

Action plan

Inmark's experience in partner recruitment campaigns for NGOs allows us to undertake any project of this type in different areas.

Inmark uses digital tools in its performance that allow:

  1. Take the data of the person who is going to collaborate with regular economic contributions, respecting the GDPR regulations
  2. Make a system integration with the NGO for the automated dump of the information collected
  3. Close follow-up of registrations.
  4. Generate loyalty plans with partners.

The main result is that inmark helps NGOs to consolidate a continuous recruitment system for new members who, through their regular economic contributions, allow them to carry out great social work, both nationally and internationally.

Members recruited by inmark for NGOs

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