Task Force
Point of Sale Manager (GPV)
The inmark GPV (Point of Sale Manager) service takes as a reference the continuous visit of distributors to verify that the agreements of the brands with them are applied and, in addition, to promote the visibility of the offer in each distribution point
commercial follow-up· correct stock breaks· take advantage of opportunities
Role of the GPV

Los GPVs de inmark, en el desarrollo de su actividad profesional, aseguran la óptima implantación en los lineales de las referencias así como de las promociones negociadas, a la vez que identifican y solucionan roturas de stock.

Additionally, they negotiate second locations of the references to increase the rotation of the products.

Action plan

The election and training of the GPVs is essential for the development of their mission. It is essential that they have a deep understanding of the offer they are going to manage as well as their strengths versus those of the competition.

Each inmark GPV has a planned route that they execute monthly and in which they carry out:

  1. An audit of the offer per distribution point: 
    • Price taking.
    • Positioning on the linear (height of the references).
    • Facing.
    • Out of stock control.
  2. Promotions control.
  3. Negotiation of second exposures.
  4. Competition control.

Significant reduction in stock outages.

Greater visibility of the offer on the shelves through greater Facing compared to the competition.

Digitized and real-time monitoring of the daily actions entrusted.

POS visited monthly
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second negotiations
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