Touristic development
Treasure Beach brand and development of the communication and digital marketing strategy
Treasure Beach is the last virgin redoubt in the Caribbean and an enclave of Jamaican ethnic, community, nature and nautical tourism. The Treasure Beach community had developed a tourism cluster in order to develop the tourism potential of the destination and needed a strong brand and promotion strategy that would generate recognition and appeal.
territorial marketing

Treasure Beach branding and a communication and marketing strategy, mainly digital, were developed in order to generate recognition and reputation in international markets.

Action plan

The project included a national and international, quantitative and qualitative market study; positioning development; creative development of the brand (image and content) and its validation by the market; development of the User Manual, as well as its applications; design of marketing and communication strategies; web development; and transfer of knowledge regarding brand management and electronic commerce.


The brand exalts the intangible aspects that distinguish the destination: the Caribbean as it used to be, an example of sustainability, a magical place marked by serendipity, which the brand reflects through its three main attributes: connection, authenticity, unexpected. Thanks to this strategy, Treasure Beach achieved an occupancy rate of over 70% and an average price of US$200; double that of the rest of Jamaica. The destination is today a benchmark for sustainable development in the Caribbean.

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