Customer Recovery
The reactivation or recovery of customers through telemarketing campaigns is one of the campaigns with the best return for organizations.
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The recovery of clients through the telephone channel has become a necessity for companies that see that, in a simple way, they can recover their clients through a call.

The call is addressed to former clients who, due to different circumstances, have ceased to be clients, finding out the reason and proposing different options to become clients again.


Action plan

The implementation of a customer reactivation campaign is a simple and fast process that requires technology and a predictive dialing system. The action integrates into any CRM, making it easy to feed records as well as dump recoveries.

Inmark uses digital tools in its performance that allow:

  • Equipment sizing based on the volume of records.
  • Elaboration of an argument according to the reason that makes the client recover.
  • Elaboration of a list of objections to identify how to refute them in the call.
  • Search for alternatives/products/promotions for each of the reasons given by the customer who has caused cancellation.
  • Loading of records in the system.
  • Preparation of reports in real time that allow seeing the achievement of objectives and the effectiveness of a promotion / recovery strategy.

Taskphone's experience in telemarketing campaigns allows it to undertake any project of this type in different fields.


Through these campaigns, Taskphone becomes a perfect ally for the growth of company customers and an essential channel to reach, communicate and retain them.

The reactivation call not only helps to recover customers but to inform about new products/projects, that is, to keep the user's active attention for possible future marketing actions.

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