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INMARK Innovation Management Unit

More than 20 years of experience working in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field
Effective collaboration with over 200 research, industry and government partners across more than 30 countries worldwide
Participation in more than 50 EU funded research and innovation projects
More than 8 years of experience promoting ICT research and innovation collaboration between Europe and Latin America

About us

INMARK Innovation Management Unit accrues more than 20 years of experience working in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field, specialising in research and innovation (R&I) management, international cooperation, market research and business model innovation.

Our expertise and customer driven approach have allowed us to build a solid international track record:

  • Renowned reputation in the field of ICT and R&I international cooperation between Europe and Latin America.
  • Effective collaboration with over 200 research, industry and government partners across more than 30 countries
  • In-depth knowledge of European research funding programmes and ICT market trends.
  • Successful completion of numerous market research studies and business modelling exercises.
  • Outstanding customer-centric strategies for marketing and communication.
  • Broad network of collaborators across ICT research and business communities.

Our team

The Innovation Management Unit team is comprised by highly competitive and results-oriented professionals guided by a keen sense of quality and customer service.Our team offers a wealth of expertise in project management, innovation management, dissemination and communication strategies, exploitation and marketing strategies as well as IP management and data protection.

R&I management and technology transfer

INMARK Innovation Management Unit has a proven track record in managing research and innovation projects in the ICT field, specialising in driving the process forward for successful technology transfer, accelerating the innovation process and expanding the market for the implementation of innovation.

We have a large and wide experience accrued in participating in more than 50 EU funded R&I projects over the last years, under EU framework programmes for research and innovation (Horizon 2020, FP7, FP6), as well as other programmes such as the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP), Eurostars and Leonardo da Vinci. Many of these projects have been led and coordinated by INMARK and through them we have collaborated with over 200 research, industry and government partners across more than 30 countries worldwide, ranging from Ireland to India and from Argentina to the USA and Sweden.

Our areas of excellence include a wide range of ICT topics (gaming technologies, Big Data, digital preservation, semantics, cultural heritage, languages technologies, e-Government), e-Infrastructures, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and international cooperation in research and innovation.

We cover all stages of the Innovation Value Chain, from idea generation to market development:

International cooperation in science, technology and innovation

INMARK Innovation Management Unit is actively involved in supporting policy dialogues to enhance R&I cooperation and partnership building between Europe and strategic partners countries, such as India, the US and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over the last eight years INMAK has been promoting ICT R&I collaboration between Europe and Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba, and has been the leader and coordinator of four international cooperation projects between Europe and Latin America funded by FP7-ICT programme: PRO-IDEAL, PRO-IDEAL PLUS, AMERICAS and the ongoing project LEADERSHIP.

Our specific experience in cooperation with Latin America includes:

  • Wide-ranging access to Europe and Latin America political, economic and business decision makers involved in EU-Latin America dialogues and Science, Technology and Innovation policies to enhance international cooperation between both regions.
  • Collaboration with policy makers and key players in the implementation of S&TI policies in Latin America.
  • Wide knowledge about Latin America National Research and Innovation Systems, ICT policy and regulations, Digital Agendas, funding programmes and mechanisms.
  • • Priority setting and roadmaps for EU-LAC cooperation in ICT R&I.
  • Good practices for joint technology development and knowledge transfer between Europe and Latin America.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of S&T policies and joint strategies for EU-LAC cooperation in ICT R&I.
  • Facilitator of innovation partnerships for EU-Latin America collaboration in ICT R&I projects, involving the industry, research and academia stakeholders,
  • Organisation and implementation of interactive Workshops, ICT Forums, Master Classes, Summer Schools, supported by the most advanced and effective participatory co-creative and empowerment techniques to engage the industry, researchers and other key actors in the value chain.

Market research and studies in ICT

INMARK Innovation Management Unit has specialized in go-to-market strategies and behavioural and socio-economic research applied to usage of emergent technologies (tablets, wearables, sensor based wearables, cloud), education, environment, policy making participation, telecommunications, banking and other business sectors. We help clients to process market knowledge, know their products and services demand, adapt to new business models and accelerate growth.Our team delivers fieldwork, analytic and market research studies on the ICT sector, covering different market segments: hardware, software and IT services and telecommunications (voice and data), digital media, channels of distribution, security, SOA and ICT in vertical markets (bank, insurance, e-Government, e-learning and health). We also have experience in tenders related to social and economic aspects of emerging technologies, including impact assessment.


  • Market research studies.
  • Benchmarking analysis.
  • Roadmaps.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of policies.
  • Feasibility studies.

Business Model Innovation

INMARK Innovation Management Unit continually seeks innovating business models. We help our clients enhance competitive advantage through business model innovation (BMI), by selecting the most promising and realistic business model to bring ideas to the market and scale up business.

We apply the BMI approach to the exploitation of R&I project results, supported by market analysis and exploitable visions in order to ensure outcomes’ sustainability and maximize the impact. This includes the definition of the value proposition, target customer segments, sales organisation, pricing policy and market entry strategies.

Successful experiences include the design of business models for commercialising ICT based products and services to different markets:

Transport industry

(traceability solutions for fleet management and RFID cold chain traceability)

Cultural industry

(technologies based in the cloud to increase cultural engagement)

Language technologies

(multilingual and machine translation services to SMEs compliance with Health & Safety regulations)

EU funded projects

The Innovation Management Unit has participated in more than 50 EU funded R&I projects over the last years under several EU framework programmes for research and innovation. Currently, the Unit participates in ICT R&I projects under Horizon 2020 and FP7 framework programmes.

http://no1leftbehind.eu/project/tackles key challenges in the education sector by using the potential of digital games and game-making.
http://rageproject.eu/RAGE aims to deliver a collection of advanced know-how and gaming assets to develop applied games easier, faster and more cost-effectively.
http://discoveryproject.eu/DISCOVERY aims at supporting dialogues between Europe and North America and fostering cooperation in collaborative ICT R&I, both under H2020 and under US and Canada funding programmes.
http://www.aegis-project.org/The aim of the AEGIS project is to support dialogue on cybersecurity and privacy between Europe and the United States. For this, it offers a practical and effective international collaboration platform that stimulates cooperation between the two regions and contributes to the design of the future global panorama in cybersecurity.
http://step4youth.eu/STEP is developing an eParticipation platform based on cloud technologies to promote societal and political participation of young people in environmental issues.
Fiware – Mexico
http://www.fiwaremexico.org/FIWARE MX aims at enhancing FIWARE collaboration between EU and Mexico, based on the adoption, deployment and improvement of FIWARE in Mexico as a framework that will open up new horizons for future cooperation in the ICT domain.
QROWD offers methods to perform cross-sectoral streaming Big Data integration including geographic, transport, meteorological, cross domain and news data, while capitalizing on human feedback channels.
http://www.leadershipproject.eu/LEADERSHIP supports dialogues to enhance Europe -Latin America cooperation in ICT research and innovation.
http://mli-project.eu/MLi focuses on delivering the strategic vision and operational specifications to build a comprehensive European MultiLingual data & services Infrastructure.
http://www.tagcloudproject.eu/TAG CLOUD is working to generate lifelong engagement with cultural heritage through social media, augmented reality and storytelling technologies based on the cloud.
http://www.sensecare.euSenseCare, is being developed as a new affective computing (AC) platform providing software services applied to the dementia care and connected health domain where enormous potential and opportunities exist in relation to providing intelligence and assistance to medical professionals, care givers and patients on cognitive states and overall holistic well-being.
EDISON is pursuing the establishment of the Data Scientist as a new profession in support of the e-Infrastructure needs and beyond.

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