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About Inmark

Inmark was born in 1977 in order to meet the needs of businesses in their requirements for consultancy, information and business development. From that moment on, an expansion occurred in two directions:

  • Expanding the activities developed, a facet in which emerged the outsourcing of sales teams (Taskforce) as well as that relating to staff training, both in customer service and service quality and in management skills.

Currently, Inmark is represented in Europe by two companies: Inmark Europe and Taskphone. In Latin America, it has companies in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and a partner in Puerto Rico.

Scope of action

European Union

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Lisbon and Brussels, and a European network of partners that allows us to act in 27 European countries.

Latin America

Since 1989, business has been developed in the region with offices in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Venezuela, and a business partner in Puerto Rico.

Inmark’s dimension

150 consultants

We are more than 150 consultants with extensive experience in their respective practices and a strong service vocation.


We have a track record of more than 37 years of serving our customers.

1,000 companies

More than 1,000 companies around the world have relied on our services.


Inmark manages an R+D+i portfolio work more than 40 million euros, financed by the European Union, in which 70 partners from 19 countries participate.

The purpose of Inmark is to assist our clients

Differential aspects of the offer

The configuration of Inmark provides its business customers with some distinctive features:

  • Profound knowledge of business needs.
  • We go beyond conventional solutions: we reflect on the specific problems of each client to provide them with what they really need.
  • Global vision of the environment, market and customer needs.
  • We combine diverse practices to provide comprehensive answers, with operational excellence and creativity.
  • Specialization in certain sectors, mainly in services.
  • High integration of the technological solutions in all services offered.

Business divisions

Strategic consultation and research

Knowledge of the key aspects of the market, the competitors and the customers for establishing the competitive changes necessary for business success.

Consulting on commercial outsourcing

Provision to the customers of selected, trained and supervised commercial teams through which the planned sales targets are met. Internal training and revitalization of the commercial teams.

HR consulting and learning

Continuous improvement of the teams to give them the precise capabilities to achieve the collective goals of the organization.

Consultancy in digital transformation

Advice to improve productivity with new opportunities offered by technology.

Contact centre

Transmission and reception of calls to improve the relationship with current and prospective customers.

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