Multi-client studies
Financial behavior of companies
Periodic market study, normally biennial, which measures the financial behavior of businesses with a turnover of between 2 and 100 million euros (in Spain, although there are users who request the section from 1 million). In Portugal it is from 2 to 50 million and in other countries it is adapted to USD and/or your local currency.
periodic study· quantitative· several countries

The research contemplates themes of great acceptance among its users: competitive positioning (notoriety, penetration, preferential penetration and market share); admissions and dropouts in the last year; customer loyalty; quality; NPS; image; use of channels; Wide use of the financial offer: relationship accounts, financing, savings/investment products, cards, purchasing, services and insurance


The differentiation of the information usually takes into account the main variables for classifying the sample, such as geographic location, activity sector and size according to turnover.


Some results obtained in this research corresponding to the Spanish market are shown:

Infographic Companies Spain 1_100 MM € 2021

Interviews in Spain

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