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Lines of action – Task Force

External commercial teams

Task Force, Sales force, commercial outsourcing, etc…

Business training

Training and revitalization of commercial teams

Point of sale management

Point of Sale management in the big picture

External sales teams

Experts in management, sales and loyalty with 30 years of successful sales experience. We are an outsourcing company with our own mobility tools:

We offer

  • Customized solutions.
  • Global and specialized offerings.
  • Professional and high-performance commercial teams.
  • Focus on quality and customer orientation.
  • Best practices in the commercial field: training and sales.
  • RESULTS: increase in sales and the number of prospects controlled.

Experts in

  • Financial sector.
  • Food and beverage sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • NPOs (Non-profit organizations)
  • Automotive sector
  • Editorial sector
  • Energy sector
  • Telephone sector


  • Direct channel: segmentation.
  • Accompanying distributor.
  • Face to Face.
  • Stand.
  • Implant.

Commercial Training

We teach sales by selling

We train new commercial teams, and those that have already matured and entered the comfort zone. We turn them into a Task Force to increase performance and productivity.

Point of sale management


A large team of Task Force (POS managers) with an age of 5 years on average.

Information collection

A system of our own design for the collection of qualitative and quantitative information in real time.


Expert analysts to transfer the collected information.

We care for your brand. We sell your product

We work to increase sales and visibility in more than 400 big box stores throughout Spain with our experience and technology. The objective is to reduce operating costs, provide flexibility and ensure greater product turnover, which equals more sales. All through conversion of your team in a Task Force


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