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The integration of Inmark consultancy services allows you to offer comprehensive packages to the commercial network that includes…

“Learn to sell by selling”

In all the exposed lines, the essence of “active sales” has been achieved by applying the objective and the method. Our experience shows that commercial training must occur in the classroom and in action, incorporating the lessons learned day by day, consolidating the act of the sale. Transforming commercial agents in Task Force.


Within this area, we carry out different types of interventions, but in all of them, the work system is characterized by:

Specific projects

  • Selection of Sales teams

Processes directed towards identifying the professionals in the labour market who are best suited to the needs of each customer, organization, project or position.

  • Selection – Training processes

After their initial selection, the process includes the training period which allows a better understanding and a deeper tracking of the candidates for their final selection.

  • Identification of talent for internal promotional plans

Process to identify – within the organization – professionals with more potential to assume new responsibilities from an ideal candidate profile.

  • Training in selection by skills for the creation of sales networks

Design and delivering of programs for training those responsible for business networks (business center managers, coordinators, team leaders) to perform the selection processes to generate or expand their sales teams.

  • META: Motivated, Trained, Supervised and Active

The creation and development of the META teams represents a distinct formula to effectively increase the sales force.  The supervised sales training program has a direct impact on the results, measuring the deviations from the marked activity ratios and the effectiveness and productivity of the actions developed.

  • FARO: Training and development of internal managers in business centers

Project of individualized learning.  The actions use the following framework for reference:

  • Strategic level: Commercial planning.
  • Tactical level: Sales planning
  • Operative level: Action with customers.
  • LADE: Skills laboratory

The skills laboratories are based on a prior diagnosis that analyses situations and starts to provide solutions.
The achievement of these objectives inevitably leads to increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Advantages and necessities

Cases of success

Financial sector (banking and insurance):

training and team dynamics in agencies and branches.

Third sector (NPOs):

Training in attracting funds to volunteers, patrons and fundraising departments.

Food and distribution sector

Training of teams and sales education.

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