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External commercial teams (Task Force)

Inmark is a pioneering company specializing in the outsourcing of special sales teams. We called them: Task Force.
Since its inception in 1989, it has developed more than 1,000 sales programs.
More than 30,000 sales executives have been selected, trained and managed.

Systems offered

Outsourcing Advantages

Greater commercial efficiency

As a result of their specialization as sales networks providing services in Spain and Latin America.

Reduce or vary the fixed costs

By removing structural costs. Specific actions are continuous in real time.

Increased flexibility in the commercial response

Since they can grow or shrink depending on the needs of management, with lower occupational risk.

Homogenizing systems

Operating and allowing the transmission of best practices with online systems.

The company focuses its activity on the heart of its business

In the heart of its main activity.

The process in 7 steps


Coordination of teams

The functions of animation, coordination and control of the executives are performed by the team leaders, the coordinator and the director of the program. All of them are the Task Force. The Inmark information system allows for the immediate control of the work performed by each executive.

Compensation System

El sistema de remuneración que según la experiencia resulta más adecuado para los ejecutivos es mixto: una parte fija + variable como incentivo, en función del cumplimiento de los objetivos. Objetivo semanal, mensual, trimestral.

Hiring of the executives

The selected executives are hired directly by Inmark, with labour contracts.

Sales Experience

Financial sector (banking and insurance)

Opening of new offices, contracting of financial products: credit cards, POS terminals, payroll accounts, deposits…, cross-selling of the offerings. Implanting of banking offices in corporate buildings.

Food and beverage sector

Marketing of products in HORECA and distributor support.

Pharmaceutical sector

Attracting pharmacies for product distribution.

NPOs (Non-profit organizations)

Recruitment of partners and companies for donation of funds. Presence at events with stands. Placing stands in corporate buildings.

Automotive sector

Support to distribution and sales channels.

Editorial sector

Attracting subscribers and advertisers.

Energy sector

Capturing residential and business customers from both databases and cold calls.

Telephone sector

Capturing residential and business customers from databases.

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