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Point of Sale management

Through point of sale management, Inmark monitors the compliance with the commitments made between the brands and modern distributors (prices, facing, references, promotions centers, stock rotation, etc.).

This also allows greater exposure of the product on the shelf and the larger number of local promotions.  Brand users of this service update their distribution points based on an analysis of their geographic distribution model.

All the information generated is received by the customer in real time through a technology platform developed by Inmark.

From these three optics, the action is based on
3 fundamental pillars :


A team of point of sale managers with an average of 5 years of experience.


Qualitative and quantitative output of data in real time.


Interpretation of the data collected for immediate decision-making.

Work model

Organization of the shared network

The Organization of the Shared sales force for the management of the sales centers, based on performance.

Main functions of the manager

The Organization of the Shared sales force for the Management of the centers is based on performance:

  • Ensuring compliance with the templates and the agreements made with the chains, detecting incidents and taking the steps necessary to resolve them.
    • Ensuring that the correct position of the lines is adequate and, if not, .
    • Management of the quantity of product and rotation of the lines.
    • Achievement of the objectives: facings, exhibitors, headboards, etc.
    • Product signage.  Price control.
    • Avoiding stock breakage.  In the event that it occurs, resolving it or giving notice.
  • Negotiation of secondary local exhibits:

For extra exposures, ensuring the placement of new orders and having enough stock, when you need to mount any kind of extra exposure in addition to the agreed centers.

  • Agreeing to additional spaces and execution of assembly.
  • Placement of PLV, whenever possible.
  • Studying the competition.  New products, prices, promotions.
  • Increased facing.

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