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Mobilize your company

Equip your company

We offer devices and applications that best fit your goals. Therefore, Inmark is partnered with Xerox in offering a platform capable of being integrated with the services of the company and making them interact with the mobile devices of the employees and the Xerox devices.

Maximize your sales force

Inmark mobile implements and enhances new sales channels that mobility offers through geolocation, intelligent routing and real-time information. www.tsales.es

Optimize your processes

Our goal is to understand the internal processes of your company so that, through mobility, you increase productivity, reduce costs, meet employee needs and increase competitiveness.

Services and solutions for the company

Field work

The maintenance, technical service and repairs are services that occur in-situ with a support base. Mobility is a solution to coordinate, improve and optimize these processes and planning, with the possibility of making changes in real time with minimal cost impact:

  • Reporting the real-time status of services to facilitate the coordination team.
  • Real-time billing.
  • Signing of contracts in real-time.
  • Consulting stock, service quadrants, …

Sales force

Mobility is a clear example of increased productivity in the sales force sector: It is a great ally of street-level commerce.

  • Presentation of commercial catalogues on smartphones and tablets made more attractive through interactive graphics and videos.
  • Access to current price lists allowing real-time proposals.
  • Stock consultation which provides fast customer response.
  • Access to customer data in real-time, such as past purchases or preferences to offer a product more suited to their needs.
  • Reporting of transactions in real-time that allows the constant monitoring of the evolution of sales and, therefore, of business.
  • Reduction of time and, thus, improvement of productivity, as the order can be processed and transmitted in the same moment. You can even make a payment through online checkouts.

Workflow Management

The routine business processes often require immediate responses. It is not only to access company mail at any time and place, but also to manage alerts and notification of tasks, determining processes for efficient and optimized business management: employee travel, collection management, expense reports, approval of purchase orders, promotional conditions…

Mobile CRM

Of course mobility is a key factor in CRM systems. Mobility provides a dynamic and efficient response to companies that want to evolve towards a model of being customer-oriented. Aside from having control of your company minute by minute…

  • Real-time reporting of transactions.
  • Generation of remote dashboards immediately and available on mobile devices with graphic and easy to assimilate presentations.
  • Real-time access to information.

Industrial automation

Through any smartphone, you can access the automation technology for industrial plants to get increased productivity through features such as:

  • Notifications in the terminals in real-time which allows you to expedite response time to perform the action.
  • Know any anomaly that occurs in the process, being able to respond from a mobile device.
  • Access to documentation.

Logistics processes

If there is a process in which mobility can bring significant benefits and create a new model of performance, more efficient and optimized, it is logistics, understood in all its aspects: courier, delivery, distribution, transportation of funds, etc…

This increased efficiency is achieved through features such as:

  • Tracking of orders and merchandise in real-time.
  • Monitoring of fleets.
  • Coordination of the team, assigning new routes according to incidents in real time and the location of the dispatchers.
  • Reporting of incidents in real time.
  • Synchronization of data with the central systems of the company.
  • Control of storage through the monitoring of PLCs.
  • Tracking tools.

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