Technological solution aimed at the commercial organization of companies.

App for tablets where each business performs:

  • Management of customer portfolios.
  • Visualization of catalogues, documents, videos, images, which serve to support the sale.
  • Contracting, promotions, orders.
  • Monitoring through intelligent routes, among other functions.

WEB from which the management of the company is done:

  • Monitoring activity in real time.
  • Analysis of result and business objectives.
  • Management of documents and orders.

These are the results:

Qualified database.

Knowledge of the customers in the company and not only the commercial part.

Increasing production of the companies through a mobile and dynamic application.

Real time control of the advances of the activity and the progress of the commercial team


Technological solution to streamline the process of recruiting NPO partners
and third sector companies

App for tablets where each agent performs:

  • Filling registration forms of a new partner with signature included.
  • Visualization of documents, videos, images that serve the sensibilities of the new partners.
  • Sending the registration document in real time to the new partner and the NPO, reducing the registration process.
  • Management of pending requests.

WEB from which the company management performs:

  • Monitoring of the activity in real time.
  • Analysis of the results by commercial executives.
  • Management of the recruitments made.

These are the results:

Increase in Data Security (LOPD).

Process efficiency.

Analyse the relationship with the new partner immediately.

Reduce fraud.

Quantitative digital analysis

Collect information for obtaining market data

For example:

  • Commercial demand.
  • Un-covered needs.
  • Evaluation of competitors.
  • Offer of the competition.

Said data can be displayed in real time through a quantitative digital analysis

The main characteristics are:

  • Access to the system through different roles and permissions.
  • Integration with external data
  • Dynamic and flexible system through graphic filters
  • Removable custom reports in PDF format.

Point of Sale management

Solution for collecting point of sale information (facing, prices, presence,
negotiations, promotions, incidents, photos…) As well as showing all the
information in real time.


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