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Telephone platform

The Inmark business unit specializing in the implementation and development of relational actions with customers and prospects via phone, mail and the internet.

Services offered

The main services offered are:

  • Telephone sales.
  • Surveys.
  • Arrangement of appointments (Market research).
  • Customer services (Management of Call reception).
  • Management of Debt recovery and return receipts.
  • Courtesy and welcoming calls.
  • Updating and enrichment of databases.
  • Management of external call centres.


We have a system equipped with predictive dialling for outbound platforms. The most relevant features are:

  • Capturing the call details.
  • Transmits voice and data to the free operator.
  • Anticipates the digitization of the following call.
  • Detects: Busy, no answer, fax and modem…
  • Records results.
  • Produces real-time statistics.
  • Listening and recording each telemarketer.
  • Updating the database during the issuing of calls.

Control Call quality

We know that the better the conversation (call quality), the more
possibilities there are for collaboration.

To do so, we conduct strict essential processes for quality control:

  • Auditing of 100% of the calls involving sales.
  • Definition of the % of negative calls to audit.
  • Auditing the data entered by the caller.
  • Support tools for verification of information. Banking data, email, etc.

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