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Our Vision

At Inmark HR, we are focused on science-based learning.  We have a powerful R&D department which continually develops creative learning solutions based on the most current scientific knowledge, designed to help organizations and professionals to reach their highest level of intelligence.

We design highly effective and personalized solutions and development plans that are articulated synergistically around the methodological mix best suited to the case (in areas such as leadership and talent management, team building and engagement, change and innovation and commercial training), in order to develop competencies critical for the organization.  Our training plants guarantee the return on investment in training and place our customers in the best possible conditions to meet their objectives.

Our services

Executive coaching

Coaching is presented as an excellent methodology, as it is a custom development process that goes beyond the training because it focuses on the effective activation of new behaviours (not the absorption of new knowledge).

Our coaching philosophy is oriented towards tasks and action. Therefore, we emphasize support and ensure the transfer of the results of the coaching process daily to the Coachee. This transfer is ensured both through the enhancement of the skills of self-reflection and self-perception of the Coachee in the long term, as well as by the anticipation and explicit consideration of the potential barriers.

Coaching teams

Team coaching is a process of support and intervention of a Coach to address the current problems of the team, with the participation of its members and their manager.

This is the framework through which we apply team coaching to seek change, operating on its variables to steadily maintain its performance and generate positivity among its members to build a high performance team that gets sustained results.

Unique workshops

Our Unique Workshops, the result of permanent research and development, are presented in a strategic, high-impact learning format, capable of creating truly sales-driven, learning people, teams and organizations.

We apply a radically experiential methodology, designed to train skills that are difficult to acquire through intellectual means.  By applying new and better ways to arouse great learning, the workshops are designed for participants to experience emotionally intense experiences that move them and leave them with a powerful imprint.

E-learning contents

E-learning contents

We provide our customers with the most powerful e-learning catalogue on the market, consisting of the latest-generation content designed to help professionals reach their highest level of excellence.

Teaching that use effective methods, allowing learning to become and an attractive, intense and full life experience.

Access to catalog

Video Library

The Video Libraries offer multiple possibilities to reinforce learning and transfer it to daily activity.  We have a wide variety of high-impact content grouped by theme or interest, of short, comfortable lengths, capable of motivating participants.

The content is entertaining, interactive, easy to understand and assimilate, attracts attention and is “engaging”, facilitating the rapid and effective transmission of learning.

WebTV access

E-learning pills

Our catalogue of training pills consists of small units of self-learning content, easy to understand and assimilate, designed for just-in-time consumption, when they are needed.

They are digestible subjects that can be accessed on demand when users want and decide to learn, aimed at the acquisition and improvement of professional skills quickly and effectively.

Pill’s access

Serious games

The gamification consists of applying some of the properties that define the experience of play, taking them into other contexts.

At Inmark HR, we have developed a series of serious games that allow you to learn knowledge and train skills to generate a substantial increase in the motivation and commitment of the participants and the consequent improvement in their learning.

Games available:

Corporate University Tool

Learning Class University

Learning class University is a powerful tool for managing the training that can not only help organizations to take a decisive step towards e-learning, but can also help them take advantage of all the potential offered by this modality, alone or in combination with classroom training and the education model in place in the organization.

The application, which can be graphically adapted to the style of each customer, is an innovative solution designed to help corporations to generate an attractive and educationally efficient environment, enabling them to plan, manage and integrate the delivery of its training programs, with special emphasis on the motivational aspects of the student.

Principal functionalities


The application for creating and managing learning programs in any form, classroom, e-learning, blended… including the logistics management of classrooms, teachers, calendars, etc.

Skills management

The application allows you to apply the skills management module that is used in the leading organizations around the world to make an assessment and monitor the skills of the employees.


The system allows the gamification processes to be applied in two ways: through serious games for training specific content and materials, and through the dynamics of gamification, which facilitate the generation of processes of motivation and engagement throughout the training program that the users participate in.

Talent management

The system allows you to compare the individual or group results with other aggregated data (internal benchmarking) and identify high-potential employees. Similarly, you can establish individual actions for professional development in the short-, medium-, or long-term for such high-potential employees, according to their career or their candidacies, and perform the detailed tracking of each of them.

Events that inspire

What organization doesn’t want to mobilize, link, align and inspire all those people (employees, suppliers, shareholders or customers) who can boost the achievement of their business objectives?

Events with Art ®, the exclusive tool created by Inmark, combines powerful, impactful and innovative ways to channel messages, able to shake the soul and lift the hearts.

So when we design an Event with Art ®, we are inspired by the most genuine human cultural roots, that which essentially defines us as human.  Hence the emotional intensity participants experienced the Events with Art ®.  Events with Art ® are, ultimately, shared and transformed emotions, capable of mobilizing wills and promoting significant learning..

Events featuring art

Performing Arts

Artes musicales




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