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Organizations + Intelligence

For many years, organizations have made decisions on the management of human resources based on common sense, widespread practices and good faith.  But how do we know that these decisions have been effective or that they were the best possible decisions based on the factual evidence?

The revelations obtained in scientific fields such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology and anthropology offer us new perspectives that can help organizations to successfully respond to the requirements imposed by the changing, volatile, uncertain and complex environment in which we find ourselves.

Based on these proven scientific principles, Inmark has developed the intervention model of Organizations + Intelligence, designed to help organizations evolve to new levels of excellence, with intelligence based on facts proven by science.

A radical transformation that operates on the four basic organizational engines (Leaders, People, Culture and Systems) through synergistic and interrelated interventions, organizations can transform into spaces with motivation, agile and healthy connections.  In short: Intelligent Organizations.

Agile organizations

In the volatile, uncertain current socioeconomic environment that is both complex and accelerated, the capacity to learn, developed, change and innovate make competencies critical to the survival of the organizations.

The Organizations + Intelligence model develops a new paradigm that affects all areas of the organization, making the agility, openness, lifelong learning and innovation into an attitude that deeply permeates the entire organization.

Motivated organizations

In today’s knowledge society, the ability to keep motivated and committed employees is a critical aspect in the management of human capital.

The Organizations + Intelligence model allows you to develop a culture that generates high levels of motivation and commitment from the staff, acting on critical elements such as systems of recognition and reward, systems of development, promotion and management of talent, leadership styles, the sense of purpose and progress, or the level of autonomy or empowerment of the employees in the decision-making process

Connected organizations

In today’s competitive environment, it is no longer enough for organizations to have individually brilliant people.  They need persons aligned and committed to a common purpose, able to work together to achieve higher goals.

The Organizations + Intelligence model allows you to activate powerful processes of collective participation, using social intelligence, and promoting connection systems and flexible, suitable and open collaboration with the customers and the market.

Healthy organizations

As we demonstrate the scientific facts, the overall health of the company and its workers is a necessary condition to increase productivity, energy, creativity and commitment of all members of the organization.

The Organizations + Intelligence model helps develop a culture that favours the physical, emotional and social health of people, creating employees full of energy and confidence, who are self-regulating and self-controlled, conscious and optimistic, able to connect harmoniously with the people around them from a position of balance and inner harmony.


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