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Optimization based on results

For 10 years, Inmark has developed – with great success – projects aimed at improving revenue and maximizing cash flows for financial institutions, through different methodologies adapted to the uniqueness of each sector in all of the different countries in which we work.

The project is mainly directed towards retail financial entities across a very diverse spectrum:

  • Banks and Savings Institutions.
  • Small, medium and large entities.
  • Niche and mass banking entities.
  • Different geographic locations.

To date, we have developed projects for more than 50 financial entities in Spain and Latin America.  In all cases, the improvement of the recurrent annual results has been in the neighbourhood of 1.5 / 18 million euros per year.

This is a project

  • For the substantial improvement of the results via the increase of revenue and having an immediate effect.
  • By experts, for experts.
  • Uniquely designed for each Entity.
  • That is easy to implement and compatible with other actions.
  • With no fixed cost for the customer, 100% of the risk lies with the consultant.
  • That generates recurring revenue.
  • With limited visibility in the market and that won’t affect the business strategy of the company.

Scope of action


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